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Vibratory Deburring of Steel Rings Used in the Automotive Industry

IMF conducted deburring and rust preventative operations for an automotive transmission ring, and produced 6,000 units per day.  Made from 1040 steel, the material was 0.045” in thickness, and the final transmission ring measured 8” in outside diameter. Tight tolerances were upheld through the process, with a +/- .010” tolerance to maintain flatness, and a +/- .0006” tolerance while deburring. The transmission ring order was then packaged in client-supplied packaging, and delivered.

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Vibratory Deburring Vibratory Deburring of Steel Rings

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Capabilities Applied/Processes:Deburring
Tightest Tolerance:maintain flatness < .010" Remove burr to < 0.0006"
Material Thickness:0.045"
Product Dimensions8" OD
Base Material:1040
Pacakging:provided by customer
Secondary Operations Applied:rust preventative
Industry for Use:Automotive
Product Name:Transmission Ring
Product Description:Transmission Ring